Hey there! I’m Sophie


I am a home-educating, nature-loving, freedom-seeking, self-reliance loving, Montessori and Charlotte Mason inspired mum, essential oil coach and entrepreneur. 

I am passionate about helping people to free their potential and live the life they always wanted, with nothing holding them back. If that sounds like something you want, then come on in!

Why Nature?


‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better’
– Albert Einstein

My interest in how nature affects us started when I was a teacher and came across the book ‘Last Child in the Woods’ by Richard Louv, where he introduces the concept that our children are suffering mentally, physically, emotionally, academically because of nature deficit disorder.

I don’t think it is just our children that are suffering. As I have delved into the wonders that nature can offer us, by being out in it more, by bringing it into our homes, and also into our mindset and the way we see the world, I truly believe it has all the answers we need.

Journey with us

Come on a journey of adventure as we share with you how we really put nature to work in our family and how, by adopting a more natural approach to your lifestyle, you can free yourself from so many things that can hold you back in the hustle and bustle of today’s crazy world.

OK I don’t just talk about nature, and this isn’t about tree hugging… But it is a new way of life. Of fun. Of freedom. Of family.

We will talk finances, debt, self-reliance, education, home education, travel and freedom in your life, as well as how bringing more nature into your home and into your daily life will transform pretty much everything for you first, and then it will empower and benefit the whole family.

Featured blog posts

Nature Study: Autumn Leaves

Nature Study: Autumn Leaves I do love all the different colours of Autumn. One of our neighbours has a wall that is currently covered in rich red beautiful leaves and as I am writing this, I can see one of our trees is a mix of green, brown and yellow…

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Nature Study: Harvest Moon

Nature Study: Harvest Moon Ooh I like this week. This week we get to look at the Harvest Moon which happens on 1st October.   As you may know, we try to follow along with the Exploring Nature with Children weekly nature curriculum each week, and although I am not…

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Nature Study: Autumn Equinox

Nature Study: Autumnal Equinox   Our nature study this week takes us to the Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd September, and looking at the signs of Autumn all around us. If you haven’t got it yet, you can buy your own copy of Exploring Nature with Children here, which is…

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Design Your Life (What Nature Mums is all About)

Design Your Life – What Nature Mums Is All About   You may not have heard of the words ‘Design Your Life’ before. You may just be going about, living your life, just doing the day to day things that don’t seem to be getting you anywhere. You may be…

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A Cosmic Education – The Five Great Lessons

A Cosmic Education – The Five Great Lessons If you are looking at a simple way to approach your home education with children age 6+ then you could consider using the Montessori Five Great Lessons as a framework. In this blog post, I am going to be telling you a…

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Making our home education plans

How we Plan our Home Education I am seeing so many people on Facebook deciding to home educate, either because they have been planning it for ages anyway (which is normal for this time of year) or because they have chosen to take their children out as they don’t feel…

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When was the last time you cleaned your toothbrush?

When was the last time you cleaned your toothbrush? Cleaning your toothbrush might not be something you have thought of doing before, and to be honest, I hadn’t either, so you aren’t alone. But we clean the rest of the things in our bathroom, right? So, why not our toothbrushes?…

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