Hey Mama in need of Nature!
I’m Sophie and I’m so glad you’re here!

I created Nature Mums to share my journey with other like-minded mums, who are fed up with life as they know it and are looking for a simpler, more natural way to live, learn and laugh.

My journey began when I had my daughter Addie 8 years ago, when I had that feeling that I know many of us do, that I wanted to do everything I could to give her the best start in life, with her health, her happiness and her education. When her brother Bear (not his real name, but the name we use on here – Addie isn’t her real name either, but these are nicknames) came along, things went a bit out the window. Having 2 children under 2 was a bit of a shocker, and I went into a weird, sure-my-son-stole-my-brain, kinda funk.

Hadn’t had that with Addie – geez, I volunteered to run a Brownie unit when she was 3 weeks old (c-section, too!) I was invincible! And there I was after Bear, unable to function, leave the house, use my brain, and completely without an identity. A mere blob, who was down and depressed and had lost herself, but with an adorable cute baby which made up for it… to an extent. But also with an almost 2-year-old who had become super clingy, wouldn’t let me leave the room, and when she started at a wonderful nature nursery, became even worse, and it made her super ill. Not physically, although it started to affect her physically. But emotionally…

My 2-year-old had the worst case of separation anxiety I’d every seen, even in my 3 years’ experience working with children. My ‘leave her at the door and walk away’ advice I had given other parents, killed me, and destroyed her confidence completely. I pulled her out. I developed social and health anxiety, not helped by a broken ankle and subsequent massive weight gain, and then Bear started to get sick. A ‘virus-induced wheeze’ [aka asthma but they didn’t want to call it that] that put him in hospital 22 times in 2 years, and terrible eczema that no cream, lotion or potion could calm.

And so when someone suggested natural approaches to all these things, in fact, using essential oils (they’d never worked for me in the past, and I was the biggest sceptic!)… I decided that, as weird as it sounded, I’d give it a go.

And that is when everything changed for our family.

I started Nature Mums to share, not just what we have found with using our oils, but also the things it has opened up to me – the awakening that nature truly is the answer to so many different things. Our homes need to have more nature, our children need more nature, our partners need more nature. We need more nature.

So, come on Nature Mum… Come join the journey with me!

Sophie xx