Essential Oils – A New Way


Five years ago, I was looking for something to help support my daughter who just did not want to be separated from her mama. It got extreme when her brother was born, and she was a completely different child, with dark circles under her eyes and clinginess like you wouldn’t believe. She would go to nursery, but the 5 days out of 7 that she wasn’t there, she cried, she fretted, she was miserable.

I had to find a way. A way that worked with and for her.

I reached out and found there was one way that had worked for a fellow mama’s young child, and it had been a real gamechanger for him. I had to try it.

That answer was essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?


Plants, as part of their immune system and defences, produce essential oils to protect themselves. Those oils are extracted from the plant materials – from the leaves, petals, stalks, bark, roots, seeds, resin and the amazingly complex natural chemistry can be used to help support our own health and wellness. It’s not a new thing, this is how our ancestors used to make their medicines, balms, lotions and potions.

I am so grateful for all the science, the research and the knowledge available to us today so we can learn how to use these potent little bottles of magic to help our families be better, live better and stay better.

And I love teaching mums on how they can use essential oils too! Addie and Bear join me often to show how we use these amazing gifts from nature in our everyday lives…

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It just takes a drop…


That is all it took for me. I knew nothing when I started except to use lavender for sleep and tea tree for skin blemishes! And chances are, you probably don’t know much about them either.

And although it started with just one drop, I grasped a vision I didn’t expect to.

What if I could learn about these intriguing little brown bottles, each with their own amazing (and very strong) aroma? What if I could use them in our home to help my children? Help me? Help all of us?

What if you could use them them with your family too?

Why doTERRA?


doTERRA is the world leader in essential oils and research (I have become a bit of a geek). I first fell in love with the products, and as I learned more about the company, I fell in love with the culture – the people, the transparency, integrity, honesty, their commitment to purity and getting only the best oils for us to use.

They source the oils where they grow naturally, and in the best conditions, from small scale farmers and distillers. They ensure sustainability while respecting their artisan knowledge passed down through generations of their families. They train them, support their communities with healthcare, water and schools, and give them on time fair payments whereas previously brokers massively defrauded them from their income.

Every time I help a family change their lives with essential oils, it supports and empowers the farmers and distillers on the other side of the bottle. And that is a great feeling.